Becoming a real estate agent requires you to pass some difficult exams in order to prove your eligibility. You might believe you are ready to generate leads and sell to clients before you have really delved into the intricacy of real estate. 

It’s good to dream big – but prioritizing your exams first is important. There are a few key ways in order to know you are ready for the exam, and then moving on to the next steps on how to get your real estate license

Tips for Real Estate Exam

Practice Exams

As a rule of thumb, for whatever exam you are giving, it is important that you do practice runs. You’ll find tons of resources online for real estate exam materials. 

Making sure you are ready depends on whether or not you know the format, and how to approach it when the time comes to give the real exam.

Look Through

Make sure to go through the paper first when you are giving the exam. Don’t go straight into answering questions as you’re reading. 

It is a good practice to answer the questions that are easy, first. As you build up momentum, you will find your brain running better and your nerves calming down – that is if you’ve prepared properly.

Answers First

Real estate agent exams are in a multiple choice format – so make sure to go through the answers first. This format benefits people from being able to check out the answers first.

Make sure to look for the buzzwords and terminology that are common in real estate. Training yourself on understanding keywords in real estate will help you seek out the answers that are correct.

Work Backwards

Oftentimes, you will find it easier to work backwards to the answer, by first eliminating the incorrect answers. 

Clear-cut correct answers might be hard to find, but being able to catch what’s wrong in other answers will be easier – helping you weed out the correct choice.

Don’t Compete

There will be a lot of other participants in the exam, but you can not waste your time trying to compete with others by worrying about who finishes first. 

If people finish first, that is not your issue, you finish when you are confidently done answering your questions.


Answering questions in a real estate exam is not as hard as you would think – especially if you have gone through the pre-licensing courses involved and studied the materials you were given.

However, ensuring you manage your time – and focus on giving your own exam rather than focusing on others is key. 

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