Smartphone security is very important to be taken into account by every organization because smartphones have become an integral component of human life and the way in which people are using the application is already having access to sensitive information. So, to ensure that overall sensitive information has been very well protected, proceeding with the security of the communication is definitely important in this case so that things are very well sorted out without any problem 

What do you mean by insecure communication?

In very simple terms, insecure communication refers to the communication that will be taking place between the client and the server through multiple servers over insecure channels. If the communication will be involving the transmission of unencrypted data, the communication channel will be left vulnerable to significant options of men in the middle attacks. This particular attack will have two distinct stages which will be interception and description. In the Interception stage, the attacker will intercept the traffic before it reaches the intended destination and they can proceed with the things with the help of the spoofing concept. On the other hand, in the cases of decryption, when the DataStream has been intercepted, this particular stage will be beginning and the very basic goal of this particular stage will be to decrypt the traffic without any raising of the red flags. The attacker of this particular case will be using significant methods of SSL stripping and HTTPS spoofing to get things done in the right direction in terms of app security.

How will insecure communication happen? 

Insecure communication is a very significant challenge associated with mobile applications and has been rated as the third most exploited risk by the OWASP mobile top 10 list. If the data has been intercepted or changed without much detection the application will be extremely vulnerable to insecure communication and there are plenty of twos available in the market that can highlight the transmission of data as clear text. Insecure communication is not only created by how the data has been transmitted but the mobile application in this particular case will be categorized into the native application, hybrid application, and web application. The type of application in this particular case will be dictating which of the generals of mobile application communication will take takes place over and further every comes with a significant number of challenges for the companies.

Following are the risk elements and impact associated with the insecure communication associated with the application security: 

Insecure communication will be a total disaster on multiple levels because if the business organizations are not at all dealing with things with proper planning, then definitely there will be reputational damage. Security breaches in this particular case will lead to identity theft and fraud and one of the significant mobile data in this particular case occurred with Apple in 2021. Private photos and personal chats of the individuals were compromised and this happened over the customer base of more than 900 million users. So, when the application applications are consistently dealing with this sensitive data, it is the responsibility of the organizations to focus on having the proper safeguarding systems to protect the application development right from the beginning to ensure that nothing like this happens at any point in time.

How to improve the application security against the process of insecure communication? 

  1. As a developer it is very important for people to incorporate the best of the practices into the development cycle and some of those basic benefits and practises have been explained as follows: 
  2. People should always focus on working with the assumption that clear is insecure so that they can focus on the element of security very successfully and further will be able to promote it. 
  3. It is always important for people to take the account third-party entities like analytical companies and the social network so that everything will be accordingly done. 
  4. People should always focus on using the industry standard cipher suits so that everything will be perfectly carried out without any issues and everything will be done in the right direction. 
  5. People should always focus on the transmission of sensitive data associated with the backend application programming interface, web services, and other associated things so that SSL and TLS-related transport channels will be perfectly sorted out. 
  6. It is important for people to note that there might be a scenario of forgery in the cases of SSL certificate certificates which is the main reason that one should always use the certificates that have been supported and provided by the trusted CA provider so that things are very well done in the right direction. 
  7. It is advisable for people to focus on simply refusing on this certificate certificates which are self-signed and consistently enforcing the SSL chain verification is important for developers in this case. 
  8. If there is a scenario of any kind of protection of an invalid certificate then making the user sure about the alerts sent at the right time is definitely important for companies so that there is no chance of any kind of adverse scenario. 
  9. It is advisable for companies to never take chances with sensitive data because including the secondary layer of encryption before you deal with the sensitive data to the SSL channel is definitely important since this will act as the second line of defense. 
  10. It is always important for companies to ensure that they are never sending sensitive data over the channels and further are never creating any kind of issues with the push notifications at any point in time 

Hence, at the time of creating a new brand or application, it is always important for people to take the concept of mobile application security very seriously so that the best practises can be implemented for the transmission of information between multiple devices. In addition to this remaining in touch with the experts at Appsealing can also be considered a very important point to be taken into account so that the application will be safe from any potential insecure communication threats very easily 

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