Crush the defenses of your enemies together with their hopes of getting ahead of you as you claim the upper hand during PvP fights in Dragon Ball Legends. Never let your enemies spot a weakness in your lineup by dealing a heavy blow to your enemies.

In order to make it happen, you need to be vigilant and meticulous in picking out the Dragon Ball Legends units to use during PvP fights. That being said, we made this brief guide to provide you with a hint of victory.

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Final Form Frieza

Frieza is known to be one of the strongest and most brutal villains in the Dragon Ball series. Similar to the movie, Frieza is also as strong as he is in the game, especially in his final form.

Final Form Frieza is considered a monster in PvP battles leaving the opponents to use their units as merely training dummies for Frieza. His high damage output can easily defeat the current meta heroes by using his blast and strike attacks. His attacks are undeniably one of the highest offensive stats in the game.

Plus, his attacks can debuff enemies by reducing the health regen by 40% so putting a regen unit against Final Form Frieza is no use at all.

Android #17

Androids have already put a good impression to players when it comes to PvP performance. But among all of them, Android #17 is top-notch. 

The superior damage output is not the only thing that defines Android #17, but also the way he can give buffs to allies. His main ability grants health and ki regeneration to the whole team by 20% and 50, respectively. Furthermore, his blast attack deals 25% more damage to enemies with the tag of Fusion Warrior.

Not only that, but Android #17’s health is also at an immense amount making him both tough and strong against enemies. 

Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta

Attack, power, defense, and health—Super Saiyan God SS Vegeta has it all.

This much strength is highly expected for our first Fusion Warrior as an outcome of Vegeta and Goku’s fusion. His high damage output can singlehandedly obliterate enemies knowing that his attack is mainly derived from his unique Strike Arts.

Super Saiyan Goku

Being the main character does not justify the strength of the character. But for the Super Saiyan Goku, things are the other way around: his strength justifies him being the main character.

Super Saiyan Goku is known for his immense damage output. But aside from that, he is also a good defense character making him a versatile character good both for PvP and PvE fights. With this kind of ability, it is just a common scene wherein Super Saiyan Goku remains the last man standing on the team.

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